Virtual & Hybrid

End to End Seamless Service

We offer a full range of Virtual and Hybrid services with our broadcast and technical partners. We offer fully virtual meetings, hybrid meetings, exhibition booths, extended reality and a full range of engagement activity. We provide a seamless service from registration to post event evaluation.

Our aim is simple - to bring virtual meetings to life!

Delegate Communications

We use communication to build pre-meeting interest and attract delegates. 

Delegate Registration

We create registration websites, generate invitation emails, send reminders and collate analytics.

Delegate Engagement

We build engagement and anticipation before and during the meeting. 

Hybrid Meetings

We believe virtual meetings will be a key feature in the ‘new normal’ world.

Hybrid will be the bridge back to face to face and for a long time to come, face to face meetings will have a hybrid aspect to them. Another facet of this will be a hub and spoke set up where, for large national and international meetings, delegates may meet in smaller numbers in country or in region with content being shared and interaction on a two way basis with speakers and delegates in other destinations.

Hybrid meetings also need full event management capabilities and even more project management skills as well as additional, technical and AV ones.

All of the aforementioned services are typically provided by several companies. Our value proposition is simple - we offer an end to end solution that brings virtual meetings to life.

Filming, Broadcast and Productions Skills

High quality filming, broadcast and production skills are required to deliver the content in the most dynamic and engaging way.

 Speaker Support 

We put a key focus on speakers.

Technical Support

Pre-emption is key. Our "User Guide Videos" help facilitate the log in process and educate delegates to reduce the need for technical support requirements.


Online meetings can take ROI and ROO to the next level.

Success can be measured by analysing registration numbers, overall attendee numbers, session attendee numbers and involvement in engagement activity such as - live polling, Q&As and gamification. All of these are important, but the most important data is the session evaluations and feedback which specifically address the degree to which learning objectives have been met. Overall meeting feedback is valuable for future planning purposes and benchmarking.