Virtual & Hybrid

End to End Seamless Service

We offer a full range of Virtual and Hybrid services with our broadcast and technical partners. We offer fully virtual meetings, hybrid meetings, exhibition booths, extended reality and a full range of engagement activity. We provide a seamless service from registration to post event evaluation. Our aim is simple - to bring virtual meetings to life.

Delegate Registration

We create registration websites, generate invitation emails, send reminders and updates.

These can be fully integrated into our virtual meeting platform to deliver a smooth delegate experience and logistical process. Although we work with different registration platforms including Cvent Flex to help create an experience for attendees, that stands out.

We produce regular registration reports, look at data on the registration process and use this to inform ongoing communications activity.

We provide delegate registration services on a standalone bases for the likes of clinical trials meetings, educational meetings and congresses.

Delegate Communications

We like to build pre-meeting interest to attract delegates.

This will involve promoting the agenda, sending out short video invitations and featuring highlights of previous meetings. This can be augmented by involving delegates in areas such as content selection and pre-meeting activities.

Maximising Attendance

We make sure joining instructions make it very clear as to the sign in process, so that we minimise the number of delegates failing to be able to access the meeting.

We encourage the viewing of specially created "User Guide Videos" that take participants through a brief visual journey on how to navigate through the features of the platform and event app. Ensuring that delegates feel informed and knowledgeable prior to the live broadcast reduces technical stress and user error on the day of the event and provides everyone with easy access to all the rich features. The result is more focused delegates that can dedicate time to interacting and participating.

Delegate Engagement

Building engagement and anticipation before the meeting starts is key.

Sessions should feature engagement activity such as Q&As and live polling. We encourage activities and gamification throughout the whole programme with regular leader board updates available via the platform or app. We encourage breaks for organised activities which can be offline and include challenges and exercise sessions to keep attendees engaged and activated.

Moderated break outs, where attendees participate and share thoughts and idea such as Fireside Chats and panel discussions on trending topics, maximise involvement and engagement.


When delegates register, they can provide profile information about themselves and include topics they would be keen to discuss with other attendees.

This information is seamlessly integrated into a networking section of our virtual meeting portal and can be made available to fellow attendees, subject to appropriate permissions. Delegates can match up with each other from a discussion topic perspective and use the platforms peer to peer networking features and 1:1 meeting scheduling. Attention can be drawn to networking activity by alerts and a meeting moderator at the end of sessions and before any breaks.

Hybrid Meetings

We believe virtual meetings will be a key feature in the ‘new normal’ world.

Hybrid will be the bridge back to face to face and for a long time to come, face to face meetings will have a hybrid aspect to them. Another facet of this will be a hub and spoke set up where, for large national and international meetings, delegates may meet in smaller numbers in country or in region with content being shared and interaction on a two way basis with speakers and delegates in other destinations.

Hybrid meetings also need full event management capabilities and even more project management skills as well as additional, technical and AV ones.

All of the aforementioned services are typically provided by several companies. Our value proposition is simple - we offer an end to end solution that brings virtual meetings to life.

Filming, Broadcast and Productions Skills

High quality filming, broadcast and production skills are required to deliver the content in the most dynamic and engaging way.

Filming can take place from an in-home web cab or via a film crew in a studio.

The production team will take live feeds, cue speakers, switch screen content from presenters to slides and video all making for a 'real life' experience. A meeting host can introduce speakers and ensure a smooth flow throughout.

Speaker Support

We put a key focus on speakers.

There is always the potential for Wi-Fi issues at the location speakers are speaking from - whether it be their home or workplace. We can carry out a remote technical audit to assess the Wi-Fi and the quality of their cameras and, if necessary, supply a full technical pack to include an iPad Pro as a back-up to mitigate any issues.

We facilitate speaker rehearsals and technical walk throughs and recommend recording key sessions so we can play out a recorded version as a back-up. Finally, there is always the situation that remote delegates may suffer from Wi-Fi issues. The way to overcome this is to provide access to the content on an On-Demand basis.


Online meetings can take ROI and ROO to the next level.

Success can be measured by analysing registration numbers, overall attendee numbers, session attendee numbers and involvement in engagement activity such as - live polling, Q&As and gamification. All of these are important, but the most important data is the session evaluations and feedback which specifically address the degree to which learning objectives have been met. Overall meeting feedback is valuable for future planning purposes and benchmarking.

Event Imprints

Event Imprints capture all multi-channel communications activity from a virtual and hybrid meeting just as effectively as they do for an in-person meeting.

Video, slides, highlights, key messages and other content generated around a meeting can be curated into a single imprint and sent out to all delegates or accessed via the platform. This provides a valuable cascade tool to deliver an enhanced.

Technical Support

Pre-emption is key. Our "User Guide Videos" help facilitate the log in process and educate delegates to reduce the need for technical support requirements.

Prior to and during each meeting, we have technical support available via email, a help desk available via the platform and a helpline that delegates can call for assistance. These are set up per event in order to be fully customizable and to ensure attendees are talking to the appropriate and most well-informed technicians for each event.

Technical Accessibility

Our virtual event platforms are cross platform and can be used on any type of device with internet access - Mac, PC, mobile phone and tablet.

It is accessible via any web browser - Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox. If viewing from a mobile device or tablet, the Event App can be downloaded from the App Store. Software installations are not required.