Virtual & Hybrid

We have the planning versatility to create and deliver engaging Virtual & Hybrid meetings

We love partnering with our clients to bring together the best of live video conferencing, pre-recorded content, live streaming, and content sharing . We do this in fully customisable virtual platforms as engaging and interactive experiences.

Our first step is to consider your objectives, your distanced audience, your technology requirements, time and budget before applying our strategic, creative and technical insights to find the best.n.

Our talented team then combines the same skillsets, expertise and communication strategies to our virtual delivery as we do to our face-to-face events. The critical difference is we are working on a platform rather than in a venue.

The result is a flawlessly delivered, end-to-end, interactive and impactful virtual or hybrid experience that keeps delegates immersed throughout the event and beyond.


Our aim is simple…to bring virtual events to life


Our technical team support the delivery of virtual and hybrid experiences across multiple platforms. So, if your organisation has a preferred provider, such as Zoom, we can use that framework to build our solution. Equally, if you don’t, we adopt a platform agnostic approach and can recommend the perfect platform for your needs.

Creative Solutions

We can apply our creative skills to develop an event identity, branded materials and visual assets that can work equally well for virtual and hybrid meeting. We can help create video and content that can be filmed and edited to help bring an event to life.

We create audience engagement activities specific to the audiences’ setting whether it be virtual, hybrid or face to face.

Technical Support

Just like we provide an on-site team at our physical events we provide a technical support team on the platform to monitor and assist throughout the event. We also provide comprehensive rehearsals and technical checks, produce and show call the experience to keep it running to time and maintain audience engagement levels.

Return on Objectives

The use of a virtual platform can take ROI and ROO to the next level. We can analyse registration numbers, overall attendee numbers, session attendee numbers and involvement in engagement activity. The most important data to us is the session evaluations though. They indicate the degree to which your learning objectives have been met.

"Excellent! I hope we will continue to have more events like this. Looking forward to learning from future outcomes, that will be presented in such a comprehensive and high-quality approach. Thank you!"

- Virtual meeting attendee


We have the experience, creative and planning capability to deliver seamless virtual and face to face experiences for hybrid meetings. We can connect groups of participants located virtually with those in person in one location or located across several different cities or countries, to share a live and memorable collective experience. We ensure the production and technical side of things are entirely joined up to create maximum efficiencies and minimum potential for technical glitches. We ensure technical support at each hub, enabling participants to communicate effortlessly.  


"Post Covid-19 we believe the interconnection of physical and digital will become commonplace and hybrid solutions will be here to stay. Another facet of this will be a hub and spoke set up where, for large national and international meetings, delegates may meet in smaller numbers in country or in region with content being shared."

Mark Saxby, Executive Director

This is an example of a virtual exhibition area we use working closely with one of our partners

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