Delegate Engagement

An event should encourage audiences to do something differently or think differently, which will ultimately lead to a commercial benefit to the organisation. Delegate engagement is a key tool to maximise the effectiveness of the event.

Event Imprints

Unique Delegate Engagement ROO/ROI Tool

We have pioneered a very exciting digital innovation in the events industry. Called an imprint, it is effectively a dynamic digital newsletter that can capture all the key content from an event – slides, videos of key sessions, photos, key messages, highlights as well as, if appropriate, content from identified social media platforms. This can then be distributed to attendees via email, event apps, WhatsApp, registration sites etc so that they can very easily refer to the content and share it with colleagues, teams and peers for cascade purposes.

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Augmented Reality

We work with some highly innovative partners on a global basis to deliver augmented reality solutions to clients.

This can range from the means to engage audiences with content in a rich and involved manner to facilitating the downloading of content for future reference. Combined with an aspect of gamification challenges can be set to encourage audiences to engage with posters and exhibition stands scoring those with the highest retention of knowledge on a competitive basis.

AV & Production

We realise is that it is imperative that the AV and production is faultless and that there are no glitches.

We work with highly experienced partners who work all over the world and who can ensure an exemplary experience, value for money and a sustainable solution.

Creative Event Themes and Ideas

A strong creative theme can clearly communicate the key messages of a conference and help delegates understand the objectives from the outset.

It can build up anticipation for the event in advance of it taking place.

It can transcend the whole event experience from the destination to the venues, dinners and any activities. The more that is working together the greater the impact and the more memorable and effective the event.

Digital Audience Engagement Technology

Audience engagement technology has helped to put increasing focus on effective message delivery which is so important to achieving ROI.

However, there is always a danger that if not used properly and used for the sake of it, technology can actually reduce the effectiveness of message delivery.

We always make sure we are up to speed with the latest developments so we can advise clients of what can add value to their meetings.

Event Apps

Used in the right way apps can help to ensure the smooth and effective running of an event as well as deepen the delegate engagement.

Our preferred event management software platform has an app that is fully integrated into the Delegate Registration platform ensuring a seamless experience for delegates. Live polling, Q&A sessions can take place as well as providing information on vital logistical information.

Event Communications

We recognise that an event is very often part of an ongoing multi-channel communications programme.

Our Event Imprint solution can combine all this content in a highly impactful and dynamic solution. We also recognise that to maximise the effect of an event it makes sense to optimise the messaging opportunities from the very first invitation to the ongoing post event communications and cascade activity.

Event Software

We have partnered with Cvent - one of the world’s leading providers of event software.

This means we can provide clients with the latest and most advanced event industry software that there is around.

The software can manage registrations through any device. Reports can be provided at any time and can be accessed remotely. The software and can link into scanning devices or tablets to manage several registrations quickly and efficiently in addition to integrating seamlessly with a dynamic event app and virtual meeting platforms.

Facial Recognition

Another means to speed up the sign in process both at the event itself and potentially at break outs and individual sessions.

Not the most personal of solutions but can speed things up subject to GDPR legislation being adhered to.

Meeting Architecture

Another means to speed up the sign in process both at the event itself and potentially at break outs and individual sessions.

Not the most personal of solutions but can speed things up subject to GDPR legislation being adhered to.

Speaker Management

It is important to choose the right speaker for an event and once on board vital to ensure they are properly briefed and looked after.

They are a key component to the success of the event and they need to know precise details of when they need to submit their presentations, where they need to be for rehearsals and the procedures to get them ready for their sessions.

Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Virtual and Hybrid meetings have never been more to the fore. We work with our own and our clients’ technology platform partners. Delegate invitation and registration tools can be fully integrated ensuring a seamless delegate experience and a highly efficient logistical process. As the platforms have become more robust, the emphasis is moving to audience engagement. Apps can be linked to a virtual meeting to enable live polling and Q&A sessions.