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Top tips for staying healthy and hydrated onsite

15 March 2024

Being onsite at events can provide challenges when it comes to staying healthy and hydrated. To coincide with Nutrition and Hydration Week, our team have put together some helpful tips:

1) Water intake is so important - Take a refillable water bottle and carry this everywhere – to meetings, at the welcome desk, to dinner!

2) Choose a high protein breakfast option - The pastries are always very tempting but something high protein will keep you fuller for longer, as it’s not always clear when you will actually be able to have some lunch onsite.

3) Be careful at coffee breaks – Always request a healthy option for the coffee breaks so you can choose this instead of the cookies and cakes! Granola bars and yoghurt pots are usually a good choice. Ask yourself during the coffee break “am I actually hungry or am I just picking at snacks because they’re available?” Often if you’ve had a good breakfast, then you’re probably not actually hungry.

4) Bring your own snacks - If you’re not certain what’s on the menu, pack a few of your own snacks like protein bars so you have something readily available for those pinch points when you are hungry.

5) Be realistic about exercise expectations – Lots of us always take our workout gear and have the best intentions of using the gym onsite but are too exhausted to do so! When you have 12-hour days and are getting your steps in, sometimes that’s enough, and what your body really needs is a good night’s sleep. Equally, if you can get a workout in, great! Always check your schedule beforehand to see what a realistic time to fit this in might be.

6) Take rest seriously – If you are away in an exciting city, it’s easy to get carried away and explore late into the evening, but a good night’s sleep is so important for those long and tiring days, and you will thank yourself for getting an early night when you can.

7) Limit alcohol – Opt for a mocktail or soft drink instead. Not only will this benefit your body the next day, but it will also benefit the client if something goes wrong, as you will be on the ball to fix it.

8) Take vitamins – Helps to keep you energised throughout the day and gets you through jetlag.


By Nisha Kumar, Senior Project Manager