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C2 has been accredited by Investors in People until December 2025

17 January 2023

C2events Founder and Executive Director, Cheryl Clarke said, ‘We are delighted to have been accredited by Investors in People. From the time the C2 was founded, people management has been a fundamental cornerstone of the business.’

Commenting on the accreditation, Mark Saxby, Executive Director, said, ‘We take this very seriously as a business and what gives it so much credence is that as part of the accreditation process team members are interviewed by the consultant. We have now held accreditation since 2015.’

Commenting on the Award, Katie Bennett, Business Support Manager said, ‘The report we received from IIP contained the following quotes that came from the individual interviews:

‘Your people say C2events is a great place to work…’

‘Your people say they completely trust your leaders who are open, transparent and caring.’

‘Your people feel their efforts are noticed and appreciated and this matters to them.’

Katie went on to say, these were very special to see as they are exactly what any organisation would want to hear from its people.

C2 has most recently been nominated as a finalist in the CIT Best Place to Work Awards 2023.