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C2 Goes Crazy on Summer Outing

21 July 2022

What event does an event company take part in when it organises it itself you may ask?

C2 wanted to have a fun few hours to allow team members some respite during a very busy time. In addition, there were several new starters and remote workers who the agency wanted to come together for some relaxed and informal time together.

After much consideration involving ideas from gin tasting to go-karting – not at the same time - the idea of Scrapyard Crazy Golf was selected. Not least because this could involve everyone - including 4 pregnant team members and given that it was in the centre of Leeds was accessible for both great dining venues and public transport.

A choice of courses was made with one called ‘Gary’ being selected – the organiser being wooed by the publicity - take a trip down memory lane as you putt through disco balls & Gary’s scrap metal. Wind your way through the UV disco room and get a hole-in-one under the party lights.

There was much hilarity and fun had and it proved to be a great leveller too - as one of the Director’s who has been known to swing the odd golf club or two, had the worst score!